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Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

I have known Stephen Lovely personally for 13 years. In those years he has helped me overcome addiction issues, moral dilemmas, helped boost my confidence, helped me gain employment, and not only that, he's just a pleasure to talk to.

I was not surprised he chose to help people achieve their full potential, professionally, and, I am proud to say, I became one of his first clients, and I leave every session feeling better, and capable of achieving my goals, even ones I didn't realize I had.

Insightful. Inspirational. Thanks Stephen.

Dick Laser

I have known Stephen for over 10 years and during that time he always remained a good friend during the high point of my life and the lows. Now that he has became a personal life coach it has helped me tremendously I tried about three or four different counselors and felt like they weren’t listening like they didn’t care I still felt alone until Stephen offered to try life coach with me. Since 2018 I’ve experienced one of the hardest things in my life it has been a time of trial, a time of errors, and to be honest a lot of disappointments and let downs but now that Stephen is working with me I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders avenues that seemed like dead ends now seem wide open, dreams that not long ago felt shattered hopeless and lost are in my grasp and they don’t feel unreachable I feel like I can still achieve them because of him I’m starting to believe and honestly seeing the good in life when I didn’t even know if that was possible a few months ago I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is needing guidance.

Colby Stewart

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