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My Official Introduction

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

If you’ve reached this page, you know 2 things.

My name is Stephen Lovely and I’m a life coach.

What you don’t know, is the roads I traveled on to get here and why I’ve chosen to stay here…and that I’m from Canada. Or maybe you do because of Anyways, down to it.

My life has been everything but conventional, for starters, I was born blind. Up until I was about 10 years old, I had attended a regular school. From what I can remember, it was fine, but I wasn’t really learning anything valuable passed a certain point. I Learned how to read brail and become familiar with the use of a computer. The public school system wasn’t designed for folks with my specific set of challenges, but that’s a whole other topic for another time.

It was at this point my mother, though she says it’s the one thing she regrets, had sent me to a residential school for the blind. What she didn’t realise, was that it was the best decision she’s made in my regard.

The skills I learned at that school has served me well until this day. I learned how to navigate the streets based on sound not sight, I learned a lot more about technology, and I learned how to survive in a world that wasn’t designed for people who were like me. Though there were some bad things about this place, everything both good and bad had given me the tools to not just survive but thrive. At the end of my school life, I was well equipped to face the world.

I faced a lot of personal challenges in my life, everything from trauma, abuse, self-loathing and not wanting to live the life I’ve been given. All those situations I’m not willing to publicise on this blog yet.

I’ve accomplished so much in my life, and I learned a lot too. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how to not let your circumstance define you and who you are as a person. Another lesson I learned is that the limiting beliefs you have about your self and abilities aren’t yours. Their instilled in you at a young age.

I was always told what my limitations would be, and theirs this unconchis belief that blind folks can only do so much. All of which are false. I’ve tested all my limitations and I’ve realised, I have very little. I became the first blind person to get an open water scuba diving certification, I’ve jumped out of airplanes, I learned how to communicate with a def person using asl, I even learned how to surf in California, but my biggest adventure of all is when I gave up having a permanent address and lived on the road with my guide dog, backpacking around Canada, living out of Airbnb’s, hostels and hotels.

I’ve met some cool people along the way and had so many different experiences. I’ve tried my hand at photography, hung out with Syrian refugees, made friends with a def and blind couple, and met some of the most amazing people who are Airbnb hosts. I will also never forget what someone did for me at the beginning of the pandemic.

All stories to come in further blog posts. Trust me, you will want to stay tuned.

I’ve hiked with my dog, got lost several times, developed amazing techniques to travel solo as a completely blind person, learned how to navigate cities and towns with no help from someone who was sighted and so much more.

In my upcoming posts, you will learn that not everything is as it seems. I hope you will discover that you are not defined by your circumstances. My hope is that you will understand that you are more than what you think you are, and that your capable of more than what you give yourself credit for.

In my life it’s been about the journey, not the destination.

See you next time.

Stay lovelys!

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